RnBae is a collective of artists, curators, DJs and creatives that contribute to an untapped scene R&B in South Florida. Our purpose is to showcase talent within the R&B and alternative genre bringing a fresh aura to Miami. When is the last time your ears were serenaded by love songs and you allowed music to completely capture your soul? With the Miami’s underground scene booming with rap, there’s little room for R&B. This changes now.

The RnBae Collective produces a monthly showcase allowing local artists to showcase their talent. Through live activations, social activations, and events, the RnBae collective provides a new platform for talent to showcase which focuses on their genre.

Our showcases are every third Thursday of the month at Gramps Wynwood from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m in their back room Shirley's. Each showcase will feature three to four R&B or alternative artists. We are seeking artists that bring a young and fresh sound to a young adult audience. R&B, Soul, and alternative singers are welcome.

This is where bae comes to vibe.


For all inquires regarding sponsorships, joining the team, or performing at our next showcase, please email Info@Rnbae.com


#FeelsDay 4/8 #RnBaeShowcase: 4/20 RnBae Showcase February 2017      

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