RnBae is a collective of artists, curators, DJs and creatives that contribute to an untapped scene R&B in South Florida. Our purpose is to showcase talent within the R&B and alternative genre bringing a fresh aura to Miami. The RnBae Collective produces a monthly showcase allowing local artists to showcase their talent. Through #RnBaeShowcase, Our R&B Day Party #FeelsDay and RnBaeRadio, the RnBae collective provides a new platform for talent to showcase which focuses on their genre.


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#RnBaeShowcase 7/20


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#PantyDrop: Where Bae Comes to Vibe Panties

Your panties are either the first or the last thing to go in the midst of a freak session, so why not make sure you’re sporting some cute ones?  We’re officially making what’s inside your pants a place where bae comes to vibe. Our Where Bae Comes To Vibe will be the first of many […]

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Listen to #RnBaeRadio episode 006

We are not responsible for any babies made during #RnBaeRadio Vibe out to our 6th episode of RnBae Radio that includes new music from SZA, Jhene Aiko and indie artist Jo Penha. We also go in depth about SZA’s latest album #CTRL and enjoy a mix from NY Dj @DylanTheGypsy. Featured on @1amRadio + @DashRadio […]

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SZA Releases A Visual for “Drew Barrymore”

  Over here at the RnBae Collective, we’re still on a high from SZA’s debut album CTRL. The 14-track emotional roller coaster has us laying in bed in our RnBae panties reminiscing on all the people who did us dirty and a few that we’ve flipped the script on. Drew Barrymore was the first single […]

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Quickies on #MakeLoveMondays Are What Mondays are For

We can admit that Mondays suck. You’re late to work. You didn’t have time to make breakfast. Your clothes are wrinkled and you left bae in bed without that quickie they asked for. While we can’t feed you or iron your clothes, we can give you something to put you in the mood on the […]

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