RnBae Collective is a group of artists, curators, DJs and creatives that contribute to an untapped R&B scene in South Florida. Our purpose is to showcase talent within the R&B and alternative genre, bringing a fresh vibe to any space we enter. We produce events monthly ranging from showcases, our radio show, concerts, listening parties, playlists and live activations which allow artists to showcase their talent.  We are always seeking artists that bring a young and fresh sound to a young adult audience. R&B, soul, and alternative singers are welcome. RnBae is where bae comes to vibe.

Event & Activations:

RnBae Showcase - our original all R&B and alternative artist showcase that features 3-4 acts and a DJ Lover's Interlude - our throwback R&B party sets a vibe on the dance floor. These parties are hosted by your favorite indie R&B artists with a few improv performances sprinkled in.
Mixed Signals - our listening party series allows handpicked R&B and alternative artists to showcase their unreleased music for music industry level guests.
PillowTalk - our curated open mic series is best suitable for beginner singers looking to practice their skill or seasoned artists looking for feedback. Our open mic events put a spin on the usual by providing industry level feedback and prizes to artists which will aid in their career.
Falsetto - our all R&B radio show sets the mood bi-weekly Wednesdays on 1am radio on DashRadio.com Here, we've curated one hour of straight R&B, a live A capella by a featured artist and a DJ mix to end the night on Hump Days. Tune in bi-weekly Wednesdays at 7pm for new shows and re-runs on Sunday and Tuesday at 7pm.


October 6th - Lover's Interlude ATL at A3C
November 8th- PillowTalk Open Mic
November TBA - Mixed Signals Listening Party
December 8th- Bae Basel
December 20th - 2nd RnBaeVersary + Lover's Interlude MIA


Your daily dose of R&B is here:

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RnBae Collective Presents: Cuffing Season With Zelly Vibes, Jae Mazor, Drea Real, and Hadar Adora

It’s cuffing season and we’re celebrating with R&B of course. Grab your potential bae and meet us for a night of love music. Live performances: Zelly Vibes Hadar Adora Jae Mazor Drea Réal R&B set: DJ Illusion 21+ No Refunds Bring a bae Tickets here

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Our first Lover’s Interlude in NYC left us missing our ex

Your ex probably called you five times while you were on the way to our first Lover’s Interlude R&B party in NYC and we hope you didn’t answer. Our DJs, Jamsey, D Jane and Dylan The Gypsy kept you cool while playing your favorite love songs, but you wouldn’t help but let your mind wander […]

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Lover’s Interlude ATL at A3C Festival

  RnBae Collective Presents: Lover’s Interlude ATL at A3C. We’re known for providing a space for bae to vibe, so let’s continue the love songs with Lover’s Interlude, our new R&B party series hosted by your favorite local R&B singers. Here, we’re playing all the songs that remind you of your ex, so get ready to […]

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