5 R&B Songs You Should Listen To Right Now

We checked your playlist and decided there isn’t enough R&B on it. Instead of judging you, we’re going to put you on. We’ve gathered a handful of bops for you to get into the mood this week. Here are five R&B songs you should listen to right now:

Reggie Becton – Listenin’

If soothing R&B is your thing, Reggie Becton is for you. His latest single “Listenin’,” provides exactly what ladies want to hear when it comes to love. We’re just seeking quality time. Reggie gets us.

IV Jay – No Fun

IV Jay truly flexes her songwriting skills in her new single “No Fun.” The sultry truth-teller taps into some of the emo feels many of us had through the pandemic. This is as sweet as it’s going to get.

Maor Mo – Vulnerable

Women always express how we need men to be just a little more vulnerable and Maor Mo heard you. The South Florida singer slips in a few high-notes in his latest single “Vulnerable” why sharing why it may be so hard for him to open up. Love him right ladies.

Kyle Dion – That Don’t Mean A Thing

While working on his next album, the king of vocals and smooth talk has entered the chat with “That Don’t Mean A Thing.” The production value on this track brings a full experience when you turn the volume up, so get into this upbeat R&B bop.

Kaash Paige – Break Up Song ft. K.Camp

Summer is over bae, Kaash Paige has released a breakup song and now we have to follow suit. Her tone floats over the bass-heavy production on her latest project providing a sing-along moment. Send this one to your future ex.

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