Being at RnBae Showcase is an experience. There’s no place in Miami showing love to local R&B singers and allowing you to relive the 90’s with R&B throwbacks. This is an experience you need to prepare for, trust us. Ask yourself, are you ready to meet bae? Are you ready to lose your voice singing along to our DJ? Are you ready to…. We don’t think you’re ready. ¬†Here’s five things you will need at #RnBaeShowcase:

Knowledge of classic R&B:

If you aren’t hip to classic R&B jams, we suggest you start preparing now. At the showcase, our Djs are spinning your favorite throwback 90’s records along with a few of today’s smash hits. Be prepared to go far back as SWV, TLC, Ashanti, R. Kelly and Brandy to current crowd favorites from Kehlani, Bryson Tiller and PartyNextDoor. The dance floor is yours, but please be careful where you bump and grind because we don’t have Plan B on deck.

Flower Crown:

Flower crowns are a staple at RnBae Showcase. At the door, you can grab one for free for yourself, your bae, your side chick, your husband, and your baby’s daddy. Crowns are handmade with love in-house and add that special touch your outfit. We hear those wearing crowns get chose first. Keep it cute.


Plan B/ Condoms:

The vibes at RnBae Showcase can really push you over the edge, into the car, to the hotel, and into the sheets. We get it, it’s a magical place where the right music is playing and bae kept giving you the eye while one of our performers took the stage. There’s nothing wrong with getting in the mood, but we don’t offer babysitting for kids made after RnBae Showcase nor do we provide condoms. Play it safe and wrap it up after the show.

Portable Phone Charger:

Because you’re so busy using our custom snap chat filter and showing how lit the show is on Instagram and Twitter, your battery may run low before you get a chance to grab bae’s number. Bringing a portable battery charger reduces the risk of #LonelyBae Disease and can lead to Poppin’ Phone Line Syndrome. There’s nothing worst than leaving RnBae Showcase without a bae. Don’t miss out.



Cash for Cotton Candy:

Listen, what’s better than an amazing R&B performance by local talent with a stick of 500 grams of flossed sugar in your hand? Nothing. While you’re contributing to heart disease, that bae you had your eye on may want one too. If you’re smart, you have extra cash on deck so you can share that heart disease with bae and live happily ever after.

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