Every month, RnBae Showcase remains where bae comes to vibe, officially. We’re not sure if it’s the free flower crowns, the rose pedals dancing on the stage, or a bae that agreed to your date to show that keeps our doors open, but one thing we are sure about, is the rising talent that we promote on our stage.

See, when it comes to talent picking, you have to include someone like Miami’s Alex Kevay who’s sultry voice allows you to effortlessly become her possession. Or like DMV’s Bria Zhanae, who’s stage presence blew the crowd away as they sung along to her Lost In Love EP. The show isn’t complete unless you have someone like Aymber who kept the crowd on their toes with a quick flick of her wrist on her guitar, who also brought February artist Marcel on stage to really take it over the top. At RnBae Showcase, our DJs even keep your hips moving, as Steph Honey didn’t come from Toronto to play games. At RnBae Showcase, bae will always be welcome to vibe.

Photos by @BklynRose





Photos by @Kovalski_J

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