The day after Valentine’s day is special. Not only does in involve 50% off chocolates and discounted branded love day items, it also involves you spending time with your beloved side bae. Yes, the one you keep on the low, the one TLC wrote Creep about, and the Same Girl, Usher and R.Kelly are referring to. This SideBae Valentine’s day, we celebrated with a handful of our favorite local R&B talents along with Steph Honey, from Toronto, putting us all in our feels with an al R&B set.

Irie Reyna kicked off the night with a sneak peak of new music from her upcoming EP releasing on the 22nd. Dressed in blue, the R&B songstress warmed the crowd with smooth melodies and kick of bass. This is her second time hitting the RnBae stage after blowing us away at her open mic performance in October. Alex Kevay, also a second timer on our stage performed our favorite track, Bad For Me, leaving the crowd speechless. She allowed us into her soul with Possession, a crowd favorite. You already know her mom was in the front row singing along.

Lastly, Kayland ended the show accompanied by the Pulse Band. Singing a few tracks from her latest EP Purple Hues along with a new track that we heard first, we’re excited to see what Kayland brings to the table in 2o18. The live band was a beautiful touch along with her back up singers, which really gave your sidebae something to tweet about the next day. In all, our SideBae Valentine’s Day show was one for the books, and we encourage you to bring your main bae to our show in May.

Special thanks to: @Filtrum.Plants for our lovely set design and Red Bull Sound Select for making things special.

Photos by Marcia Tucker

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