As we continue to strive through 2020, we can easily say the sound of R&B has changed. The once soul-driven genre has transformed into music easily blended with trap, hip hop, jazz, and neo-soul. As for rising Atlanta based singer Aliza Li, R&B tunes come easily for her, as her music is often described as such along with neo-soul with occasional hip-hop sounds sprinkled in.

We grew to love Aliza Li through her hit single “Sometimes I Get High,” which opened doors for more creativity. “I’m all over the place creatively still and I love it,” says Aliza. “I’m experimenting with a lot of different sounds and working off of natural inspirations.” The birth of her latest single results as a product.

“Bit A Lemon” serves as the singer’s first solo release of the year and provides a breath of fresh air for those who’ve strayed away from soul music. While the pulse of the track may be more uptempo than your typical R&B track, her songwriting tells the story of what most R&B songs are about: love lost.

“The tempo of the song doesn’t match the emotional roller-coaster the lyrics take listeners on,” says Aliza. I wrote “Bit A Lemon” after being forced to cut off a very close relationship for my own mental health. It just got to the point that the things this person was doing made it that much more liberating to end the relationship. Hence the lyrics “it’s bittersweet, the way you do me”.

The single reminds listeners that they aren’t stuck in relationships. “Don’t ever get to the point with someone where you have to walk around with that “bit a lemon” face. If the synergy is not there, let that shit go. It’s a lot more liberating, trust me,” she says.

We’re adding Bit A Lemon to your #FourTheSoul playlist, but we want to hear your thoughts on her new release by tweeting us at @RnBaeCollective! Expect more music, creativity, and vibes from Aliza throughout 2020.

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