There are many connotations to be taken from the term “Faded.”

From South Florida artist Drug’s perspective “faded, is experiencing a high so good that you don’t care anymore.”  This dancehall-esque track is the perfect go-to bop when you’ve just broken it off with someone. Don’t give in to the temptation of drowning in your sorrows. Turn your Bluetooth speaker on max volume and drown in some Drug instead.

We asked Drug a few questions surrounding the release of his latest single. 

When’s the last time you were faded?

“I haven’t been faded in a while in the physical sense, I’ve been chasing a spiritual high as of late. High off of joy and the process of living out my dreams.”

You’ve been known to have a hand in the production of your music, did you assist with producing this track?

“As a musician, I know what I want to hear and what direction I feel the song is going.” 

Faded, was produced by Neri and boasts additional production from Luis Cancion, both natives of Miami. 

Who would you say this song made for? What do you want people to feel when they hear it?

“I made faded for everyone who feels like they were slept on, overlooked or misjudged. I don’t think I’ve arrived yet as a musician or made it, but I do know I’m going to be successful and I’m not going to let those that missed out on me hold me back. I’m going to get what’s mine and I’m going to live it up.”

How did the collaboration with David Lyn come about?

“I met David through Neri and he really made that connection happen. I’ve known Neri for years and we have been talking about collaborating for a while, but finally made it happen. I’m really thankful for David sending over a fire verse.”

If you could summarize the emotional content of “faded” to your fans in five words, what would you say?

“Faded is non-conforming energy; a euphoric confidence.”

What island would you want to be on when this song premieres?

“I’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica or the Dominican republic so definitely one of those two.”

Listen to the single below or on your favorite streaming platform. Tweet us your thoughts at @RnBaeCollective!

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