It’s obvious that the “music” in the music industry can easily get lost. In 2019, we’re gravitating towards what’s catchy instead of what moves us but South Florida based musician Drug has more to offer than just a catchy tune. His latest EP, Moonlight 2.0 (the live sessions) vol.1 brought depth, lyricism, storytelling and live instrumentals to the table. But trust us, it sounds better live.

We gathered at Sweat Records to not only indulge in the EP live, but enjoy a true experience. Oh RawkC, came prepared to dig deep into Moonlight 2.0. While music is subjective and you’re welcomed to your own perception, it was a breath of fresh air to gather Drug’s thoughts on the EP, his inspiration, and how he plans to adapt in today’s music. He adapts easily through live performances, allowing his music to speak for itself. Equipped with his bass player and drummer, Drug gave us the music our hearts lusted over.

If you missed the release party, support by streaming the project here.

Special thanks to Sweat Records and Oh Rawkc for dedicating their love to R&B for the night.

Recap video shot + directed by Lizzmatic

Photos by Nick

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