The wait is over! South Florida’s Drug to released Moonlight 2.0 (the live sessions) [Vol. 1] today and we can’t stop listening to it. He has effortlessly become one of South Florida’s best kept secrets and we can assure you his project brings meaning to live instrumentation and unparalleled vocals.

We are formally inviting you to join us at Drug’s release party to not only celebrate it’s release, but experience the EP live. As we experience, South Florida radio host Oh RawkC will dig deep into the making of the project during a live interview.

Join us for live music, refreshments and positive energy as the void in alternative R&B in South Florida has now been filled.

Location – Sweat Records
Date: April 5th
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Tickets: RSVP (donations appreciated)

 Listen to Moonlight 2.0 (the live sessions) [Vol. 1]


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