Evelyn’s sweet baby face is only a complement of her even sweeter voice. With only a few tracks available on streaming platforms, she spends a lot of time in her room recording covers, music and more according to her Instagram. With only 17 years of live on her belt, she has spent majority of it singing a fusion of jazzy R&B and soul. Drawing inspirations from soul artists like Donna Summer, Whitney Houston and latin oldies like Selena and Luis Miguel, she releases Only One, which provides a range of voice and storyline when it comes to her songwriting.

The song Only One is about how in a relationship where the person doesn’t really put any effort just as a metaphor the man is a spy “undercover” hitting on other girls and not really being truthful with you. In the end you really don’t need that man or woman and the best thing to do is to just move on with fierceness.

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