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Singing off key is normal for the majority of us in the shower. The water hitting the shower floor for 30 minutes hardly masks the sound of off pitch hums to that song you heard on Soundcloud and can’t get out of your head. While there isn’t a producer sitting on the toilet to help you fix those off tune notes, in a professional setting, auto tune can. According to South Florida producer FRDRK, auto tune is a program developed by Antares Audio Technologies that is used to correct an out of tune performance. This is exactly what your mom is thinking you need as she bangs on the door for you to get out after wasting all of her water.

“The term “auto tune” is mainly referring to pitch correction software,” explains FRDRK who is completely available for hire if you feel your shower song is a hit. The pitch correction software allows a producer to easily make corrections to tracks for a flawless sound during the recording and mixing process. While this tool can be used to subtly to fix minor errors, there are artists that go far left with the tool generating their own sound which is the computerized hot mess we are used to hearing when you buy a $5 CD off your neighborhood bum.

In the 2000s, the computerized effect of auto tune run rampant though our speakers from Tallahassee native T-Pain. His hit singles I’m Sprung and I’m In Love With A Stripper made it okay to sing  off key in the back seat of your mom’s Corolla with the windows down. While many people feel T-Pain used auto tune as a crutch, using it generated a new sound an appealed to a younger crowd. As FRDRK would say: “A crutch helps you move, so use it.”

To this day auto tune is still around accompanying some of our favorite R&B singles. “The current state of music is using auto tune as an effect,” says FRDRK. He often hears it used incorrectly in the terms of which it was created for, but using it as an effect allows it to create sub-genres like Trap&B. Sounds like Ye Ali’s, PnB Rock, Future and more allow the seamless blend of hip hop and R&B and allow lovers of both genres to meet in the middle. While auto tune does create a cool effect on music, it can ruin the track. “If  [auto tune is] set up to tune outside of your key, you will have an out of tune performance playing against a beat,” says FRDRK. It’s like when a DJ mixes two songs that aren’t in any related key; they just clash. We all know exactly what sounds like and it’s worst than your shower singing.

Buzz (Produced By @iamFRDRK) by JuliaxG

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When it comes to making music for clients, FRDRK has worked with national acts such as Jaime Foxx and Ray J along with local acts like VNUS AMR and SNDNGCHLLZ  which all needed some form of pitch correction. Because being a human makes you flawed, the pitch correction is needed at all levels of music professionalism to create an eargasmic sound. “I actually use [auto tune] on 95% of the material I work on.  It saves time, in the sense that we won’t need a retake and money since we would need less time in a recording studio,” says FRDRK. Although we will most likely never put an end to over used and incorrectly used auto tune, FRDRK gives us a breath of fresh air with perfect pitches and non-computerized sounds on his Soundcloud along with mixing services for those records that your parents think you need.

#LegendsNeverDie by [F]

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