Many times, soul and jazz get overlooked. We’re caught up in revamping what R&B sounded like to our grandparents and easily forget about the core of the art. When you think of soul and jazz what comes to mind? Truth-telling lyricism, controlled vocals, and dazzling performance. Our performers Kayland, Ms. Karoline, Keba, and Carson brought exactly that to the table. At our first all live music show, the bar was set high for local talent in South Florida.

At the show we were blessed with released originals, classy unreleased music and of course a cover to set the mood. Because we’re all about giving a platform and giving a reason for you to take bae out, it’s safe to say, RnBae is still where bae comes to vibe.

Special thanks to our baes at Hennessy for sponsoring the drink of the night: The Bae-Bae

Photos by Nick Vega


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