As R&B takes over, we can’t help but celebrate. Rhythm and Blues remains the go-to for making love, winding down, and catching a vibe. At Five Senses of Love, guests can fully immerse themselves in the genre and expand the musical experience beyond the pleasures of watching a live show. Here, the only thing that matters is R&B.

Experience through all five senses:
hear – Atlantic Record’s finest R&B talent
taste – curated cocktails fit specifically for baes
see – a curated mashup of your favorite R&B music videos
Feel – each other, duh get close, it’s R&B
smell – the heavenly aroma of lavender and vanilla

Live performances by:

IV Jay
Sebastian Mikael

Hosted by Del Ro
Interviews by Sammy Approved
Sounds by Say3

Bring a bae

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