“Going all the way” with someone is special. It allows you to see them at their most vulnerable and paves the way to a “no judgement” zone between you and that special someone. When it comes to music, we create the same vibe. On our #GoAllTheWayWith series, we will give you an inside look at our favorite artists allowing you to go all the way with their music.

#GoAllTheWayWith: Aymber

If you’re casually scrolling through New Jersey native Aymber’s Instagram, you might find a few things including a few photos of her boyfriend and mirror selfies on her page, but what sticks out most is her doing that she loves most: playing her guitar. As a self taught musician, Aymber easily makes her way into her fans heart with a quick strum of her strings, a smile and piecing brown eyes over her glasses. Because music from the soul isn’t too common here in South Florida, Aymber’s sound effortlessly becomes a breath of fresh air in the music scene. The music industry wasn’t something that she was born into, but grown to love over these past few years and has quickly turned it into a passion.

The soft guitar strums started in 2012 after Aymber lost her job. “I remember just getting the job and then getting laid off in less than two weeks,” says Aymber with a sigh over the phone. With her last paycheck in hand, Aymber stopped by the local check cashing spot, but spotted a guitar in the window of the store next door.  “I used to cash my checks near a place that sold guitars, so I said why not. I have nothing to lose,” says Aymber. With a brand new guitar in hand and no job, Aymber began to teach herself how to play.  I would go on UltimateGuitar.com and look up songs to play. I’d practice and learn by memory to play popular songs and got my start there,” says Aymber.  Although she is unable to read music, it didn’t stunt her career.

Music became a big part of her career after doing local open mics. “I would sing covers and a few things I wrote for small crowds,” says Aymber. “Soon after, I met Ciara Rae, a country singer from Nashville and was asked to be a back up singer for her tour.” Since music was something already close to Aymber, she joined Ciara on tour opening a new door into the music industry at such a young age. Traveling all over allowed Aymber to learn the “on the road” life and also extended her knowledge on live instrumentation while the rise of computerized beat machines and synthetic sounds grew to popularity on the internet. “Because I started in country music, I’ve always felt that live instrumentation is how its ‘supposed to be’. The impact of live music to me hows hard work and dedication and you can’t replicate hat on a computer,” says Aymber.

Move On by Aymber

Track 3 // Move On



Although we’re in an era of music that has transformed live music into computer generated noise, Aymber stays true to her self and what she was brought up on. “If I had a choice, I would always chose live music over performing with a DJ,” says Aymber. “There’s nothing wrong with those who do, but performing with a band allows you to control the music and create a vibe on stage.”

Along with creating vibes on the stage, Aymber creates the same magic with her pen in terms of songwriting. Her last EP Easy is described as genuine, honest and fun and allows fans into her past relationships and stories of life. “Songwriting is my favorite part of being a musician. I wasn’t popular in high school so I kept a diary. The first song I wrote, I opened my diary and wrote the song as is,” smiled Aymber on the phone. “I keep my music super honest because I feel sometimes musicians can hide behind a beat, but lyricism is the most important.”

Aymber keeps lyricism key as she spends time writing her new project. “I don’t have a release date yet, but when’s finished, you’ll know. Since Aymber writes her music through experience and real life situations, we will wait for the story to unfold, guitar in hand.

Low Life by Future ft The Weeknd // Aymber by Aymber

Low Life by Future ft The Weeknd COVER by Aymber



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