“Going all the way” with someone is special. It allows you to see them at their most vulnerable and paves the way to a “no judgement” zone between you and that special someone. When it comes to music, we create the same vibe. On our #GoAllTheWayWith series, we will give you an inside look at our favorite artists allowing you to go all the way with their music.

With producers like Zaytoven and Metro Boomin’ ruling the ATL music scene, its undeniable that Atlanta, Georgia has a distinct sound. The trap based beats with hard hitting 808s that easily make that ass shake is the norm for an ATL producer, but when it comes to Atlanta singer Sophia, she tackles the sound, but adds her own soul into it. While creating a “new” sound isn’t the first thing on Sophia’s mind, finding a beat to match her vibe is, regardless if it fits in a genre or not.

Growing up, Sophia’s musical influence came from her mother, who dabbled in singing anything from gospel to reggae to R&B. It created a wide range for Sophia to pick up her singing habits from and practice singing to her mother. “I used to always sing to my mom,” says Sophia over the phone. From a young age to now a rising artist, Sophia still dabbles in different genres to keep herself out of a box mainly because she feels she doesn’t fit in. “I’ve always had a hard time fitting in,” says Sophia over the phone. “I was picked on in Elementary school for having a deep voice, so I really didn’t have a chance to fit in with anyone. Now, I think I’ve grown into my voice so it works for me.”

Sophia’s so called “deep voice” sticks out in the ATL music scene as she decided to march to the beat of her own producer. “I don’t fit in the ATL music scene.  I always felt like the new kid on the block so now I just create my own vibe,” says Sophia. Her vibe includes her latest project Love So,: The New Classic which includes an array of upbeat tempo songs and a few sultry vibes to set the mood for you and a bae. She classifies her sound as a mix of alternate R&B and pop but, we’ll let you decide that at the showcase. For now, Sophia plans on focus on new visuals dropping later this year and more for you to ride out to.

Love, So: The New Classic by OneSophia

Stream Love, So: The New Classic, a playlist by OneSophia from desktop or your mobile device

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