We’ve waited seven years to hear Sade’s feathery voice on a track and it’s been well worth the wait. The songstress accompanied by her band led U.K’s R&B scene throughout the 80s and 90s which reassured our parents when they told us “you don’t know no nothing about no R&B.” They were right. Sade’s efforts paved the way for alternative but sultry sounds and all came to halt about seven years ago. From there, we allowed newcomer’s to fill the void, but not take her place. The evolution of R&B allowed fusions of hip hop from Bryson Tiller, girl bands from Destiny’s Child, influence of soul from Adele, and a taste of church from Sam Smith, but did not give us what Sade vanished with.

In today’s time, we consume content extremely fast, whether it’s a viral video, a snarky tweet from our not-so-favorite celeb or an entire 40-something track album from Chris Brown. Regardless of what it is, it’s hot for a little while but rarely makes anyone rich for ever. While we’ve reviewed Daniel Caesar, Sabrina Claudio’s and recently revisited Miguel’s album, we sucked it up and now they rarely get replay. We are not going to let that happen to Sade. I personally, was not going to allow my generation to let anything Sade produces pass them by in a short span of two weeks. Hype culture does rear its ugly head, but waiting seven years to release original music was the best thing Sade could have done for her brand, legacy, and our ears.

There are some artists, like Russ, who can release music every week for a year and rise to stardom. Nothing he creates is terrible other than his twitter and interview tactics, but he does not make timeless music. Timelessness stems from creating in lane your own, thinking for the future and preserving what you have to offer for the best time frame. Sade choses to do now. After a recent tweet from Ava DuVeray announcing Sade’s return, we’re extremely excited to see where Sade fits in with the current state of R&B. The single ” Flower of The Universe” will appear on the Wrinkle of Time film’s soundtrack releasing in March. For now, enjoy Sade’s greatest hits below.



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