The time has come. No, it’s not the end of the world, but it will be if you don’t vote RnBae Collective for the best monthly event for the Mieux Magazine Awards. Yearly, the baes at Mieux Magazine, curate a show to highlight all of what Florida has to offer. These award shows take place in Tampa, central florida, and allow the perfect networking opportunities for florida creatives. Luckily, we had the chance to present awards last year. But this year, we’re taking something home. Here’s ten reasons why you should vote for us for Best Monthly Event.

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  1. We’re fire as fuck.
  2. We’re the first and only all R&B show in South Florida that supports the locals. You heard it here first, pimp.
  3. . We’ve booked more artists on the Mieux Awards line up than any other event group listed. There’s a reason why all of our past performers are nominated ok?
  4. Our stage + event set up is the most purple thing you’ve ever seen and we really take pride and making shows an experience, regardless if you know the artist performing or not. Sound quality is important!
  5. RnBae is where bae comes to vibe
  6.  We support safe sex (mainly because we are not taking care of any babies that are made to our playlists
  7. We include the “alternative” genre. Yes, they need love too. We booked our first all alternative show in April and WE GOING TO DO IT AGAIN THIS YEAR TOO
  8. We were Voted Miami New Times best artist show cause they know what’s going on here.
  9. Artists , DJs and hosts have an opportunity to get paid at our events. There’s tons of you out here doing free shit.
  10. Again, we are lit as fuck, just incase you forgot after reading all of these amazing points.

See you in Tampa!



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