There are very few albums that I have saved on my phone. At a first glance through my iPhone 8+, artists like Future, SZA, Drake, and Charlie Puth have the most replay value but deep down in my library, you’ll find Miguel’s 2017 release War & Leisure. As a curator, I’m supposed to be hip on all things R&B, so I gave the project a quick listen when it released, tweeted about it via @RnBaeCollective and threw it away. At first, the album effortlessly served as background music for household chores and fake caring about bringing back “real R&B” Twitter, but after the work of art popped up on my shuffle on the way to a meeting, my infatuation with Miguel flared up.

Trust me, my love for Miguel has always been strong. From the way he took forever to propose to his girlfriend, to once having a private Instagram, to growing out his hair and covering SZA’s The Weekend, I’ve been here for it. Falling in love with War & Leisure after it released was a blessing and allowing time for it to really digest did it even more justice. The project explores the dangerous feeling of a deep love, raw sex, and a good time and suddenly, I’m down to venture.

In a time where I’m exploring options deeper than one night stands, this album is the cure for my hoe phase.

The album kicks off with a heavy guitar, Rick Ross, and a smooth criminal: Miguel. “Oh, it’s so good it feels criminal, ha This shit’s gotta be criminal, ha,” sings Miguel according to Genius on Criminal, the first track. The thought of sex is lightly more dangerous than the infatuation at this point and with this song playing, it reassures my thoughts of taking that leap into someone’s lap. From Criminal featuring Rick Ross, Pineapple Skies and Banana Clip, Miguel dances around the thoughts of lust and it’s best fit for one with a wild imagination.

At 12 songs long, the 48 minute sex playlist gives enough time for foreplay, throwing it back, and a kiss goodbye. Anointed is one stand out from the track that gives me a feeling of climax, but meanwhile I’m still on the way to this meeting. Miguel sings of a good time that makes him feel like a King and for now its something I could only fantasize about.

Revising Miguel’s War & Leisure allowed me to come to terms with my feelings on love and casual dating through carefully constructed songwriting, catchy melodies and a voice of an angel. If there’s a love out there as deep as Miguel’s Now, I’m down to Come Over and Chill.

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