We’re excited to be working with iiiPoints Festival this year. We’ve partnered to curated a Slow Dance Room so you and your bae can truly feel the romance. Of course, there’s always time to bump n grind and throw your ass in a circle, but when is the last time you felt the sensual touch of your loved one while smooth R&B plays in the background? Our nine DJs can set the mood. Leave it to us to create the ambiance of the high school prom you skipped out on. Grab your bae. Hold them close. It’s time to get sensual and find the love in music.

Prom King – 7pm to 9pm
D Jane – 9pm to 11 pm
LameBot – 11pm to 12 am
CoffinTexts- 7pm to 9pm
Say3Beats –  9pm to 11 pm
Got Now –  11pm to 12 am
Dj Kramer –  7pm to 9pm
Triangles – 9pm to 11 pm
Esdotp – 11pm to 12 am

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