We love a good love song. Whether its about the story of how you fell deeply in love, how bae did you dirty, or a hot and steamy sexcapade, we’re here for it. When it comes to South Florida based singer, songwriter and producer Jo Penha, we get a bit of it all in his first EP release, Por Ti.

We got a taste for Jo Penha last year with is demo release of  You, which topped our Cool and Collected playlists. His attention to detail (and him catering to our soul) l grabbed our attention along with his distinct production that fuses latin and Caribbean sounds effortlessly. From there, he continued to keep us sweating with a performance at our last RnBae showcase of 2017. 

Because Jo Penha also produces majority of his music, it allows us to feel him on a few different levels, which all came together for Por Ti. The smooth latin infused drive derives from his Jamaican and Dominican roots. Por Ti sits at eight tracks long, two of them being interludes/ intros. We’ve heard Si Fureas Mía, Fallen Love, and Your Love as previously released singles, but Negrita, Back To You, and Por Ti, all make their debut through his 25 minute love song.

As you can tell, each single reflects on a woman in Jo Penha’s past.  It can be risky to put your love out there for someone, but he bares it all here. “If I fell in love with you before, I’ll still have love for you. Because the song is about the moment of love. The moment I’d find out that I love or want to be in love with you,” says Jo Penha. If you listen closely, majority of the project does Spanish lyrics in it. “Each song that connects to a relationship I’ve had in Miami, has some Spanish in it. The ones that are based on the relationship outside of Florida have a Jamaican influence,” he says.

We will leave it up to you to figure out who these records are about, but in the mean time, tweet us your favorite singles from Por Ti.








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