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After every show, I think it can’t get any better. I feel that I hit the nail on the head when it comes to branding and experience every time, so what else could be better? Month after month, the team proves me wrong. The stage looks better, the vibe gets stronger, the talent makes me want to fall in love again and the audience grows. Last night was truly magical. All three artists, BluLine, KTLN and Kiya Lacey were a long time coming. I’m usually a person that’s impatient and if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out, but allowing myself to grow personally and professionally allowed this night to happen. I’ve been a fan of Kiya Lacey for a while. We’ve tried to make this work a few times and it just didn’t connect. Bad timing was the cause of everyone’s missed past show, including Say3’s, but look what happens when the timing is perfect. Magic.

Say3 makes DJing look easy. While we’ve had a few improv DJ lessons mid shift in the past, last nights selection was all him. He pays attention. He plays for the crowd, songs you haven’t heard before, songs you  may have forgotten, while flexing his producer skills in the midst. BluLine’s performance was the subtle thirst trap everyone needed. We don’t have too many male performers, so the ones chosen need to make a connection. They made a connection with every girl in the crowd including the ones that came with their boyfriends, but I’m not responsible for break ups, sorry. KTLN allowed everyone to tap into the essence of live music. We usually have a band every show, but this looked like practice, patience, and hard work. Not going to lie, she’s kind of cute too, so that smile made it even better. Kiya is indescribable. I feel that alternative R&B is slowly making its way into people’s playlists and I hope you have your ears open for her. Her stage presence impressed me along with the talent she has to make blue hair dye look damn good.

Thank you to everyone, the artists, my team and everyone for showing RnBae Collective love and special thanks to Red Bull and Gramps Wynwood for holding it down for us once again.

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