This isn’t your regular Lemin. The Canadian born singer effortlessly turns everything sour to sweet with her captivating voice providing a breath of fresh air in the current R&B scene. As a singer, songwriter and producer, the offers the full package in her music from beginning stages to end allowing her creativity to flow in every aspect of her music.

Her latest release hold A: act 1 offers it all. Sitting at four songs long, Lemin offers everything including voice and range which isn’t common in electronic music. Each track provides a different feel from the leading single Cookie Dough Skin as metaphors your favorite treats with her lover and in Up & Up, our personal favorite, the live music element pairs nicely with the computerized filters used on her voice for a sound you had know idea you needed until now.


Track List: 


  1. Cookie Dough Skin
  2. Extension Cord
  3. If I Didn’t Know You
  4. Up & Up



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