The #CoolandCollected series sets the vibe for the grown and sexy, but mixing in an alternative aura to set the scene. This playlist embodies the sweet nothings of your bae in the comment section of your photo 84 weeks ago. Here, mainstream and underground collide with sweet lullabies enticing you to drop your panties to the floor and hop in the shower and rinse off those thoughts of sin.

This week’s Cool and Collected R&B playlist effortlessly mixes the best of all three worlds: throwbacks, hidden gems, and submitted content. Liana Banks kicks off the playlist with new music, Bad Manners. Her songwriting takes the lead on this bouncy banger giving it replay value. SuperDuperKyle also gives us new music with Kehlani called PlayingWitMe. While Kyle usually takes a hiphop route, he genre-bends with a melodic attitude giving us play in both genres. Our hidden gems include Kelsey Vaz and Chayseher giving us voice on both of their singles. Baes Odie, ONEROS3, and Elijah Melo, graciously dropped a gem into our inboxes making this playlist complete. Tweet us who’d you like to see on our next playlist.

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