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I’ve been to Atlanta a few times and almost every time was different. I met different people, experienced different food and produced or worked on a different event or project. One thing that remained the same was the love the city shows every time I visit. The level of cooperation and cohesiveness that Atlanta offers is unmatched. This time around, RnBae Collective was invited to be one of the only R&B showcases during A3C festival, which is own for the district hip-hop curation. Throwing an R&B show here was off brand, different and risky, but hey, I was with it. Lover’s Interlude was curated to fit three sides of R&B: Trap&B, Alternative and Contemporary and it lied within Sophia, Margaux, and Angel White. With our DJs Yxdi and Indica providing all the throwback and current R&B that we wanted to hear, the night couldn’t have been more perfect.

Special thanks to Deep Eddy Vodka for sponsoring and A3C festival for having us

Photos by RnBae Collective & Friends


Photos by TTT Media


Photos by Jamila

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