The best thing about R&B is that it’s such a fluid genre. It can be mixed with trap influences, soul, jazz and even hip hop to create a futuristic sound unheard of. When it comes to Chicago based singer Mai, alternative R&B is her playground and her sound can’t compare to anything you’ve heard before. Born in Vietnam, then moving to Chicago, Mai began singing at a young age. She developed her love for R&B in middle school allowing her musical aspirations Sade and Mariah Carey to impact her. Her last release On Me, caught our eye and allowed her fans to gain their first glimpse into the windows that lead to her soul.

Mai describes her sound as soulful, sensual and edgy. Show Me, plays on this easily with a traditional R&B vibe right before Valentine’s Day.  This year, you can expect Mai to release her first EP with a range of different moods, genres and feels.
While I strive to keep r&b fresh and new by the fusion of other genres, I still want to
keep the soulful integrity of r&b music.  I think blending new school and old school can be tricky, but I would like people to remember (or learn) r&b’s roots while moving the genre forward at the same time. Growing up, I never saw many Asian r&b artists so from the outside, I automatically look a bit different from the “norm.”

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