We can admit that Mondays suck. You’re late to work. You didn’t have time to make breakfast. Your clothes are wrinkled and you left bae in bed without that quickie they asked for. While we can’t feed you or iron your clothes, we can give you something to put you in the mood on the way home. Our #MakeLoveMondays list features five new releases of R&B tracks that will put you in the mood for love. Every week, we will give you our staff picks of what you should be getting it on to.

Here’s what we’re making love to on #MakeLoveMondays:


Liana Banks ft. Ayo Jay – People Like Me

The Queens Native is known for genre breaking. She’s able to sing her soul out on a slow ballad, spice things up on a trap influenced R&B beat, and break out in dance to a pop record, but tried something new on her recent collaboration with Ayo Jay on People Like Me. The catchy dancehall influenced pulse screams summer anthem while Liana flexes her songwriting skills about a guy who’s interested in her, but she doesn’t have the time. She’s not into relationships and warns the kid she will waste his time throughout the track but Ayo Jay follows up with slick rebuttal: “I don’t deserve this.” You shouldn’t love people like me.

T-Pain & Lil Wayne – “DAMN DAMN DAMN”

It’s undeniable that T-Pain and Lil Wayne ran the music scene about 10 years ago. We were all screaming some single off the Carter series along with begging a stripper to let you buy them a drink. While this era was long gone, the two decided to bring it back with a collaborative EP titled T-Wayne. If you thought autotune was dead, you’re in for a pleasant surprise with their single DAMN DAMN DAMN. Damn, that’s a lot of autotune. Damn, is it 2007. Damn, this is kind of fire. The two harmonize throughout the track giving that nostalgic 2007 R&B back. Make love to this one on autotune.



Want This Money


Dyna Edyne – Want This Money

Dyna Edyne graced the RnBae stage in February making us all fall in love, but now after her latest EP Branches, we’re completely infatuated. Our favorite track from the project is Want This Money, clearly. The neo-soul songstress echoes through the track on an african based beat giving us something to get off our feet to.  She wants to know, when are you going to taste this honey.

Ye Ali – Talk Less

When Ye Ali says talk less, you listen. The LA based singer is back with a short release that keeps the ladies wanting more as we wait for his next project. He teamed up with producers Bizness Boi, KRS and Jordon Manswell for a sample of  Ashanti’s Rock Wit U and a smooth vibe for the summer.



GoApele – $ecret

GoApele channels her inner Aalyiah for a smooth melody on the beat of $ecret. This is the second single on her latest EP Dreamseeker which sits at 10 songs of R&B vibes perfect for a night in with bae. The Oakland beauty can’t keep her secret all throughout the track, but trust us, we are responsible. Her lover brings the freak out of her as she sings on the beat and she probably shows him what she’s working with after the song ends. So do we.



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