We can admit that Mondays suck. You’re late to work. You didn’t have time to make breakfast. Your clothes are wrinkled and you left bae in bed without that quickie they asked for. While we can’t feed you or iron your clothes, we can give you something to put you in the mood on the way home. Our #MakeLoveMondays list features five new releases of R&B tracks that will put you in the mood for love. Every week, we will give you our staff picks of what you should be getting it on to.

Here’s what we’re making love to on #MakeLoveMondays:


More Than I Should ft. Candice Boyd & RaVaughn Brown by NE-YO

Here’s another appetizer. The only thing that matters even more than the music is the story you tell. Here’s “MORE THAN I SHOULD” (an audio opera) featuring Candice Boyd (@CandiceBoyd) and RaVaughn Brown (@itsRaVaughn). New album coming soon.


Ne-Yo ft. Candice Boyd & RaVaughn Brown – More Than I Should 

If Ne-Yo’s hits weren’t blasting through your C.D player while you walked down your high school’s halls, you definitely can’t sit with us. While we wait for the Grammy Award winning artist to drop his latest project in the fall, he gives us an appetizer More Than I should with Candice Boyd and RaVaughn Brown. The single tells the tale of a friend that holds it down, but Ne-Yo ends up liking her a little more than he should.  Should she keep her in the friend-zone or nah?

Desire by Nil Bambu

Produced by Miami Marci

Nil Bambu – Desire

We don’t get new music often from Broward artist Nil Bambu, but when we do, it’s such a pleasure. The Trinidadian queen treats us to Desire, a smooth track over an icy beat that puts the true meaning in desiring something great. She sings she can’t let her bae go and he makes it hard. Who could honestly let this voice go?


Night Calls [prod. by Kalim] by Yo Trane

Stream Night Calls [prod. by Kalim] by Yo Trane from desktop or your mobile device

Yo Trane –  Night Calls

Trap meets R&B with Yo Trane and his latest single Night Calls. The French singer gets straight to the point on the beat expressing he only has only one thing on his mind when he calls late at night. We’re a big fan of booty call hours here at RnBae, so this is one of the first things played as soon as we get that “wyd” text at 1:32 A.M.


Hit The Ceiling by LION BABE

LION BABE is Jillian Hervey + Lucas Goodman. NYC x T-Shirts + Hats + CDs/Vinyl @ https://lion-babe.myshopify.com/ BEGIN Available Now: http://bit.ly/1SgJskd Sun Joint available now: https://lionbabe.

Lion Babe – Hit The Ceiling

Lion Babe just cant get enough in her new single Hit The Ceiling. The up beat banger screams “carefree black girl.” The kind of carefree black girl that calls ups up her bae and plans the booty call for the night. Yeah, it’s that good. She flexes her vocal skills over the the jazzy beat by her producer Lucas Goodman and puts in a good mood for some lovin’.


Somethin Tells Me by brysontiller

Stream Somethin Tells Me by brysontiller from desktop or your mobile device

Bryson Tiller –  Somethin Tells Me

We chatted a bit about Bryson Tiller on our last #RnBaeRadio episode and how he should hurry up and release new music, and he answered our complaints with his sophomore album True To Self. His single Somethin Tells Me is of our favorites as we’ve all been in this situaiton before. Sometimes it works out, other times it doesn’t but lets try to make it work? Also, let’s admire all the black women in the music video for a quick second.




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