When it comes to R&B music, having an essence of soul is a must. Soul not only creates an ambiance in music, but is also the driving force in delivery as it sifts through your speakers. London based singer Meron Addis captures soul perfectly in her latest single Listen from her upcoming EP. Listen offers attention not only in her voice, but throughout the lyrics of her single as attention given to a man’s needs isn’t widely talked about in music. Addis lounges around the house in her visual creating a safe place for conversation, good vibes and good music.

As a singer of Ethiopian decent, she grew up listening and singing to everything from mainstream pop, R&B and soul along with music from her roots. After studying for two years at the BRIT school for performing arts, she ventured into creating music of her own drawing inspiration from Adele, Jessie J, ad Marsha Ambrosius who all capture soul effortlessly. She found her voice after a few captivating covers on Youtube and settled  half way between the past generations and the future of R&B.


“I wrote this whilst in a whirlwind relationship and it’s me expressing my willingness to understand another person and be an escape from their struggle. In general, I really value a person’s ability to be empathetic and truly listen. I think it’s a such an underrated, underused and important quality that the world could do with more of. So I wanted to highlight that in the song,” says Addis on Listen.

She uses the words reflective, soulful and powerful to describe her sound which you’ll hear more of on her debut project in 2018. Next year, you can expect more visuals, collaborations and live shows from Addis.

 “I am already thinking about my next project and want to keep the ball rolling and growing.”


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