At just fourteen days, two weeks, three hundred and thirty-six hours into the “Hot Girl Summer,” the creatives at Wet Paper Records bestow upon us Hot Pursuit, an R&B Mixtape by Morgan Bryson.

Formerly known as Voilà Snow, Bryson debuted her solo talent in February of this year with dreamy pseudo-pop styled track, “New Kids on the Block.” The tester single that left us in hot pursuit for more of her eclectic sound. Having worked primarily as a vocalist for South Florida’s beloved Paperwater, Hot Pursuit is the vocalist’s first full-length project set to release July 5th 2019 under her latest moniker, Morgan Bryson.

“I love the project, it’s ambiguous and adventurous and can’t really be put into a box…it represents me”

This project certainly feels, personal. And, though etched with hints of darkness, light seems to be a common and recurring theme. But, what is light without the dark to compare it to, and vice versa.

“I imagined a crack, and the light that shown through was so bright, I followed it”Click To Tweet

 Littered with contrasting themes and sonic transitions that’ll have you wondering if you should pine for a love lost, or climb a mountain top and shout “I am THAT bitch.”  Spoken word over electric guitars, take us from grunge to baptismal bliss.  

“Light of my life, come rescue me”Click To Tweet

In enters track 1, titled “Save Me.” A gorgeous production of sound so satisfying it’s sure to make it onto your playlist of favorites, and if not, the haunting vocals and reverb are sure to vibrate through your soul and resonate with your spirit. 

“You Look Right Through Me, I See the Picture Now”Click To Tweet

“Strike”, the first self-composed song in Bryson’s repertoire, opens with a horn that incites a call to action, “What you gon’ do now?”

Bonded with Bryson’s beauteous vocals, the ever infectious bassline will have you Bankhead bouncing, and swaying to the incomparable pallet of sound.

Bryson is a genre-bending goddess, capable of delivering a 16 with a cadence that would put many an emcee to shame. Hot Pursuit has proven Bryson to be a competent songstress, poet, producer, and lyricist. We ask, is there anything she can’t do? 

If all but one thing can be confirmed, this project is authentically her, no cloak, no mask, but Morgan Bryson.

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