We can all agree that sad love songs do something to us. There’s something about heartbreak that allows artists to pen the most beautiful ballads that keep us in our feels and lonely on a Wednesday night. But, there is hope in love, feeling good, and being happy and Native Youth proves it.

If you haven’t noticed (we have) our April showcase performer has fallen in love (again) with her childhood sweetheart. If posting selfies and captivating stories about date nights on socials, Lay Me Down paints a full picture of how true love and a great sex life can tie into your music. LA based producer ENCOSY captures Native’s sultry vocals effortlessly along with the daring lyrics we give permission for you to use in IG captions. For Native, her favorite thing to do is create love songs with a sexy edge. “It’s not a vanilla RnB song, its steamy and a little raunchy, but still passionate- just the way I intended it to be” – Native Youth.



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