Although we’re a month into 2018, there’s still plenty of time to cleanse your body, soul, and mind. We’re dubbing January as a trial period and making February our month and the best way to restart according to Atlanta based singer Neila is with Sage. Her latest release, Sage EP, provides an escape from reality, unpaid bills and your no good boyfriend who still can’t play it cool. Sitting at five tracks long, each record is unique, but flows effortlessly into each other in terms of production.

The project kicks off with CSYF which showcases Neila’s voice as her biggest asset. The intro is light, like the beginning of the beat, but once it drops, Neila flexes. Hard. Towards the middle, she gives us a bit of pop, making it nasty, for you – she sings. The stand out track on the project is definitely Mary, a feathery track with a kick of bass. Neila shows off her songwriting skills by running through a classic love story from infatuation to heartbreak. She gives love to her home of South Florida with a feature from Zoey Dollaz making this record a bop. The rap feature compliments the track perfectly rather than overshadowing keeping the focus on the track.  Sage ends with Can’t Stop Thinking of You, a sweet tribute to a guy that may have caught Neila’s eye, but we will have to wait for her next EP to catch more of that love story.

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Track list:

  1. CSYF
  2. Nobody Else
  3. Cool
  4. Mary ft. Zoey Dollaz
  5. Can’t Stop Thinking Of You

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