Hey baes! We’ve restructured a few things on our Spotify account to give you the best listening experience possible. Our job is to put you on to the best R&B right? We’ve broken things down to three playlists updated weekly: This is RnBae, R&B is not Dead and Sincerely, Yours.


R&B Is Not Dead:

By now, we know that R&B is thriving right? We’ve mixed our favorite throwback jams with new R&B selects to give you the perfect R&B playlist. Here you will find the track you haven’t heard in a while along with new releases from your faves.

This is RnBae:

This playlist truly represents that RnBae Collective is about. Here, you will find what we’ve enjoyed deep down in our submission box. This list is composed of our past performers and indie level R&B and alternative artists. Updated weekly, be sure to check out the gems in your city.

Sincerely, Yours:

This playlist is composed of our interns and reflects what they consider gems in the genre of R&B. They mix indie, throwback and classic songs to give you a perfect blend.







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