As the new year started, we promised ourselves three things: to keep pushing the best of R&B in the city, to reach new areas to spread love and the genre and to keep the same bae. We’ve kept our promise.

As the rose petals swirled along the floor and the purple lighted gleamed on the lovers, we couldn’t help but think how much R&B has evolved.

Our first showcase of the year radiated nothing but love. Because R&B isn’t the most popular genre in Miami, we will always make room for the talent in the city. This time around, we enjoyed selections from past RnBae artists St. Loreto and Seanetta Carson who both performed released and unreleased music for the crowd. Remember, you heard it here first. Newcomers Luna and Kay Bridges also performed selects you can find on streaming services and our coveted playlists.

Until next time baes….

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