I’m writing you to thank you for all of your continued love, to acknowledge the immense support and energy that you have given me to create such an amazing piece of art, and to let you know that from the bottom of my heart it has taken everything out of me, it has been a long and tedious journey, growing and learning, crossing paths with many people, none of which i’ll judge as good or bad, but necessary experience because all of it has strengthened and shaped me into the vessel, the Bambu, I am today. 
Aside from wanting the project to be perfect, I’m experiencing other reasons that have caused me to push the project back. I just want to stress that it is my only and number one priority to share the Diamond Sutra with you. If its anything I’ve learned, its that everything happens for a reason and existence has its own way or plan and it’s our job, to become empty, to be the vessel which allows the divine to play through. With that being said, I love you all and don’t allow anything, whether it be others or your own self to get in the way of your dreams.
Love, Nil Bambu

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