Your ex probably called you five times while you were on the way to our first Lover’s Interlude R&B party in NYC and we hope you didn’t answer. Our DJs, Jamsey, D Jane and Dylan The Gypsy kept you cool while playing your favorite love songs, but you wouldn’t help but let your mind wander while they played that ONE song that reminded you of them. Nevertheless, baes Lexxy, Karma and Justo Ontario took your mind off that with flawless live performances that got the crowd going and drinks flowing as you finally hit a two step in your purple flower crown. As the lights flashed purple and your phone flashed with a missed text, you were too far gone to even reply. RnBae Collective is always where bae comes to vibe and we’ll always play your favorite song at Lover’s Interlude.

Special thanks to our friends from Dinnerland for the support

Photos by Marcia Tucker

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