If you haven’t already noticed, October is the best month of the year and the RnBae Collective team is here to prove it to you. Not only is it the greatest that has ever did it (Drake’s) birthday this month, but we’re shedding light daily on the R&B and Alternative artists of the OVO Sound label based in Toronto. This month, we’re giving you fun facts, new music, album reviews and more all surrounding October’s finest and his label.

Drake – Wednesday Night Interlude (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR) by octobersveryown

Stream Drake – Wednesday Night Interlude (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR) by octobersveryown from desktop or your mobile device

It’s Wednesday night and you’re wallowing in your seasonal depression because you past the deadline to find a bae for cuffing season. No worries, we have your back. Instead of flipping through old photos of your ex, we’re going to give you three things to do to combat loneliness. We’re going to play Drake’s single softly in the background while you sort through your feelings and find happiness in this post:

Find a friend to listen our cool and collected playlist with.

Yeah, we know our lists are full of sad songs, but if you listen with a friend then it will ease the pain, trust us. Invite your friend over around 9:08 p.m. so it doesn’t look like a booty call and press play on any volume. If your friend decides to stay, that’s on them.

Watch a movie, or our recap videos, which are pretty much short films

Face it, all of the movies out right now suck. Instead of reminiscing on that movie date your bae took you on last week and “went to the bathroom” and never came back, focus on something better: our recap videos. Head over to our youtube channel to vibe with many of our past performers both local and nation wide all performing original singles. This is way better than a movie.

Create an art project, but with our RnBae stickers.

Art is one of the cheapest forms of therapy available for the lost soul. For this art project, you don’t need much: just a handful of RnBae stickers. Your canvas? Anywhere that allows stickers on the wall. Meet us down in Wynwood for a therapy art session of ¬†handing out stickers, meeting new baes, and curing your loneliness.


Hope this helps!

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