If you haven’t already noticed, October is the best month of the year and the RnBae Collective team is here to prove it to you. Not only is it the greatest that has ever did it (Drake’s) birthday this month, but we’re shedding light daily on the R&B and Alternative artists of the OVO Sound label based in Toronto. This month, we’re giving you fun facts, new music, album reviews and more all surrounding October’s finest and his label.

There’s always something good to leave to the imagination. Whether its a half-naked photo sent at 1:14 a.m. or a “could have” situation with an old bae, the imagination leaves us wandering in a world of hopes. When it comes to OVO producer and singer duo Majid Jordan’s latest single Imagination, they put theirs to use as a their next leading single. Sadly, their perspective doesn’t involve half nude photo you sent, its a pretty girl that broke their heart. Teaming up with label mates DVSN did this single justice as it leads their debut in late October for their next project. The single gives us a pop essence along with soulful vocal range and sharp falsetto.

My Imagination (feat. dvsn) by Majid Jordan

The Space Between avaialble Oct 27 | Pre-Order http://ovosound.io/thespacebetween Stream/Download My Imagination (feat. @dvsndvsn) http://ovosound.io/myimagination Official Site- http://majidjordan.com Tour Dates- http://majidjordan.com/live Twitter – https://twitter.com/majidjordan Instagram – http://instagram.com/majidjordan YouTube – https://youtube.com/majidjordan





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