By now, we all know that R&B is multi-faceted. It can be easily transformed into a soulful sound, a light-weight traditional R&B or take an alternative route. When it comes to Margaux, alternative is the key to her success. She caught our eye a few months ago with her release U, that topped our Cool and Collected R&B playlist. Her daring lyrics allowed us to get to know her love life personally. After capturing the hearts of Atlanta, she has finally released her debut EP titled Trust In Me.

Trust in Me was produced, engineered and written all by Margaux excluding the intro. “This project is the first project I’ve ever put out, so it’s really special to me. I chose to call it Trust In Me because before and somewhat during the time I made it, I was going through a really hard time and I was just really depressed,” says Margaux.

For Margaux, this work of art is really about taking things into your own hands and making things happen. “Which is why I did the whole project myself, from the production, to the engineering, to the mixing, to the writing, to even the cover art and music videos releasing soon,” se says. “They were all directed, shot, funded, and edited by me. “Trust In Me” is literally just about being independent, believing in yourself, and being happy; because making this project did just that for me.”

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Track list:

  1. Trust In Me
  2. U
  3. Come 2 Me
  4. Mine
  5. Make Me Go
  6. Alright




Music is my number one passion and it always has been. I’ve always wanted to do music but I never believed I could. So, when I was making this project I wanted to make something fun, confident, and inspiring. I wanted to make something that spoke to both the fun and the dark sides of life.

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