If you knew Bianca Jade, you’d know that she exhibits a special kind of light. It isn’t the feathery pop and R&B fuse you hear in her music, it isn’t the bright lavender color scheme on her Instagram, it’s the smile on her face that makes you smile back when you’re watching one of her cover videos. Her natural light shines even brighter throughout her debut project B-Light and if you can’t see it, you’re blind.

The 24-year-old singer has been singing since before you could talk and professionally, longer than you’ve held a job. After recording her first single at 15, she began developing a sound you can still hear in her music today. As a versatile performing artist, Bianca can effortlessly give you Alicia Keys or Amy Winehouse and at the same time, give you a vibration you’ve never heard before as she carries a pop essence in her music.

The pop essence is soft throughout B-Light. Sitting at eight songs long, the project was beautifully composed as a conceptual project, exploring the ideas of love, happiness, and true fulfillment while accepting your flaws. “I think my music has a different flavor of classic Pop and R&B that does not compare to that of other artists. I’m not worried about being trendy or looking at the person next to me that also makes music,” she says. Features from hip hop artist Dap YP and singer Ed Raulz give B-Light the well-rounded edge you long for, but singles like Love Me More give you a jazzy influence that touches into her true talent which is much needed in a crowded R&B world.

Sleeping Naked is one of the stand out tracks on B-Light, last on the project, giving the project a perfect conclusion. Slated on her project as an acoustic version, the video brings the concept full circle with a subtle baseline. “Sleeping Naked to me means being comfortable in my own skin,” says Bianca Jade. She notes that she doesn’t need anyone else’s energy to be happy. “It’s also about being an introvert. Most of the time, I’d rather stay home and Netflix n Chill by myself instead of going to the club,” she says. Along with Sleeping Naked, Bianca Jade shifts into B-Light Ballad, another notable single on the EP that truly flexes the range and control she has in her voice.

In the video directed by Dream Loud Creations, you will find Bianca Jade enjoying a night a home, away from Miami night life, which we all need.  Although she has a male companion eager to hang out in the background, her mind removes him from her worries so she can enjoy a bath, breakfast and her bed alone. Shifting into B-Light Ballad, she sings from her soul with a dancer prancing in the background along with South Florida artist Sheeves painting soft strokes to Bianca’s voice.

In all, Bianca Jade’s B-Light is a breath of fresh air. As an artist, she allows her inner being to take the lead in her brand rather than being trendy. This will make her music timeless and give replay value to her albums to come. While she is steadily working on new content, join her on her Youtube channel for her latest episode of Tea Time.

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