If anything is indicative of the synergy music induces worldwide, the borrowing of sounds from contrasting cultures is a standout!

As of late, rhythms of the east have taken Western “pop” music by storm, with artists of Caribbean and African variety at the helm. Everyone from Swae Lee to Beyonce is riding the wave, and our Bae, Drug presents a tsunami of sorts with his latest single, “Chemistry.”

Co-created by Multi Billboard-charting engineer and music producer Daramola, the track boasts the creativity inspired by the ever-rising Afrobeat genre and has been coined as Afro-pop by the fire-haired vocalist.

Created from start to finish, with reference from Drug’s own guitar chords, and Daramola’s beat-making magic, the musically inclined pair had been looking to work together for years.  It would appear the timing was just right for what is sure to be a feel good record for all our Baes.

I’m trying not to overdose on this potion

The record definitely emits a euphoric feeling of warmth and familiarity upon first listen, it’s a sound that feels a lot like being home in your lover’s arms. And, with just 28 days left of summer, Drug is sending us out with a smash.

I think chemistry is something that people are searching for.

Inspired by the likes of Wizkid, Skepta, and Drake, Drug states that his new record “Chemistry” is a testament for putting different genres and artists that aren’t as popular in American consciousness in front of a bigger audience. The balance created by unusual artists collaborations such as Wizkid and Drake hits us like a shot of whiskey on a cold Toronto night.

In Drug’s own words, the song is about the complex emotional and psychological interaction between two people.

When asked about those complex interactions the soulful sultan of a song had this to say,

 It’s more than just sex. It’s more than just attraction. It’s about a mental connection, a spiritual connection. Something metaphysical is happening at the DNA level and that’s what love can do. It can change your whole being.

At just under three minutes long, this hot track will have you gyrating your hips, and scanning the crowd for you soon to be bae.

Drug’s “Chemistry” is something you can move to, something you can love to, something you can cook to.

It’s now available on all digital streaming platforms

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