South Florida’s R&B scene is growing and newcomer Laena is jumping in headfirst with her new single “Like A Dream.” The South Asian beauty is no stranger to studio sessions and songwriting. This velvet-voiced songstress takes into account all aspects of what it means to professionally pursue and produce music.

“Like A Dream” sets the mood with over 20 seconds of head-knocking beat. Laena then smoothly slides in with a whisper, which brings audible tingles to true R&B lovers. Her feathery vocals lay over the pulsing beat making “Like A Dream” repeat worthy. She effortlessly allows her pen to flow as she articulates through the single.

Laena’s passion for vocalism was fully realized upon her joining choir as a sophomore in high school. From there, the fires ignited, she began penning her own songs and covering some of our favorite bops. This is just be beginning for Laena as plans to release her first EP very soon.


The South Asian beauty is well on her way to gracing global stages and aligning herself with the likes of the R&B titans who came before her.

Listen to “Like A Dream” Here

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