Every year like clockwork, we add new music to our repertoire of summer songs. With this eras R&B artists coming for the top of the charts, we can’t help but to anticipate who the genre’s next rising star might be. With that said, today’s featured artist has definitely placed himself in the draw.

Hailing from the land of badass itself, Mark Evich unloads the R&B arsenal on his latest release, “Backseat Love.”

“Sugar sweet, talk to me”

Evich, a sound-producer in his own right, delivers a pop soul smash. The melodic loosie is laced with piano chords that might remind you of 40 Shebib’s production, accompanied by vibrato and falsetto that’ll have you and your bae swaying your hips in time to the rhythm of it all.  

When asked about his inspiration for the song, Evich states “When I was growing up in Russia, I remember watching films showing American lovers, making out in their cars.”  After relocating to New York City in 2016, the creative crooner says he “felt obliged to write a song about it.” Now, we have something to make out to.

“Just Close Your Eyes Baby, Feel It”

Evich’s entrancing vocals, paired with an infectious and bounce worthy track, emit the warmth of a summer feel that only a good R&B bop can convey. This sweet track is available for consumption on all major DSPs. Links are down below Bae!

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