Last year, we had the pleasure of having Atlanta based singer Sophia the RnBae Showcase stage. Not only did she blow us away in her neon jacket swaying back and forth as her hips did to her music, she also bought our bitch. Yes. In cash. BYOB has been featured a few times on our Cool and Collected R&B playlist, but today, we’re putting a visual behind it making the song even better.

In the the Creedlife directed video, you’ll find Sophia flexing with a diamond choker,  a hand full of cash and some fine guy in the background. (We hope he has cash.) From there, the bouncy single takes us to the streets with her girls in a convertible that you can’t afford. This year, Sophia plans to release new music, blow you away at her upcoming shows and indeed, buy your bitch.

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Can’t fuck with no n*gga that ain’t about his check – Sophia

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