Meet the Woman Making More Room for R&B in Miami

The back room at Gramps, a local watering hole in Miami’s hip Wynwood neighborhood, is a sea of twisted braids, flower crowns, woven sandals, and gently waving bodies bathed in purple light. Tonight, more than 100 people fill the venue for the RnBae showcase, a monthly party dedicated to spotlighting local independent R&B artists.

Best Artist Showcase: RnBae Collective | Best of Miami® 2017: Your Key to the City

Miami has no shortage of hype electronic music parties, Latin dance nights, and the kind of high-energy events expected in one of the world’s party capitals. Sometimes, though, people are in the mood to sip a drink, sway to downbeat music, and catch a vibe.

RnBae Collective Contributed to the Best Year of R&B in Miami

After moving to Coral Springs from Virginia three years ago, I was taught that a Yes Julz party had the best hip-hop, the Void was an event that included a bit of everything, and Broward County’s 2kLife’s parties were not to be missed. Although these three groups contributed heavily to the entertainment scene, none focused on R&B.

Spotlight: South Florida’s RnBae to Celebrate its One-Year Anniversary


The Top Ten Valentine’s Day Events in Miami

Whether you’re looking for a night out with your special someone or a girls’ night out with your most beloved friends, Miami has plenty of options for Valentine’s night, and they don’t just involve outrageously expensive dinner plans. Think beyond the chocolate-covered cliches this year.

RnBae Wants to Teach Miami How to Love Again

It’s hard to believe the world continued spinning after such a monumental loss, but 2016 marked 15 years since Aaliyah’s shocking death. It’s interesting to ponder what the Princess of R&B’s music might have sounded like today, in a world where singers forgo an individual, signature sound and turn to…

The best Miami parties and club nights

Miami may not be the largest city in the world, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in 24-hour party potential. The best clubs in Miami are some of the best in the world-and the best Miami parties are where you want to spend your nights.

The RnBae Collective Creates Platform to Support R&B Artists Everywhere

Kovalski J Growing up in Miami surely paved the way for my eclectic yet ratchet taste in music. I grew up in the era of Trick Daddy, Trina, and Ice Berg so you already know it took some work for me to become the refined woman I am today.

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