For the past almost two years, we’ve promoted the R&B genre. Through local shows, concerts, listening parties, open mics and parties, we’ve celebrated R&B and proved that it’s not a dying sound. While the R&B your mom played while cleaning the the kitchen isn’t around anymore, it transformed into the new sounds you love to hear on our stages, playlists and activations. Our Summer merch release includes two ‘dad hat’ style caps: the signature lavender, R&B is not dead along with a dark denim wash in Not Your Baby Girl. Each cap is laced with the RnBae Collective logo on the back completing all summer outfits and promoting the single you almost got pregnant to. Remember, R&B is not dead, it transformed.

Photos by: Marcia Tucker
Models: CristinaYazmerlin, Rob, & Bruce
Hats: Shop RnBae Collective

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