Spring is finally here and the only way we knew how to celebrate was with a night of R&B. We’ve turned Gramps into a flowery forest once before, but this time was different. The weather was perfect, love was in the air and each artist planned to perform new music, making it special.

The night kicked off with Got Now playing your favorite R&B tracks. He blended effortlessly from that one 90s track you haven’t heard in a while to when Drake pretends to be an R&B singer, to that hit you can’t get out of your head on the radio. The ladies danced, the drank, the vibed as they awaited the first performer to take the stage.

The performance

Maor Mo blessed the stage first with three tracks from his latest album Antisocial Media. The Miami native wooed the ladies and persuaded the guys to get into his music by displaying incredible stage presence and rage. Jahzel Dotel opened the stage to live music allowing the space to become more intimate as she serenaded those in the front row along with the baes hiding in the corner. Her voice filled the room.

Carson took live music even further with her performance. As a band member of Black & Creme, performing was nothing new to her, but as a solo artist she allowed the room to witness her greatness one on one. She performed with her keyboard along with her guitar making the night special and prepping the audience for new music releasing soon.

Cesar graced the stage last, but definitely not least. The South Florida native caters to an alternative R&B mood, the kind you didn’t know you needed until you heard it. The crowd eagerly awaited his performance of his release of Light You Up featuring Twelve’len.

R&B is not dead

As the purple lights gleamed down on the stage and the rose petals settled on the ground, we knew spring was finally sprung and a night of R&B with your bae as the only way to truly celebrate it.

Special thanks to our sponsors Red Bull and Hennessy for making the night extra special


Photos by Nick Vega

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