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A3C is a special time of the year for the natives of Atlanta. Curators from across the nation, artists of all sorts, and brands on the come up flock to ATL for the festivities. The coveted festival celebrated its 15th anniversary this past weekend and we all know it’s not a party if RnBae Collective isn’t present. In 2018, we made an appearance at Artisan Gallery, but this year, we stepped things up a bit at Music Room, Edgewood.

With R&B on the rise, it was easy for us to make a statement during the hip hop curated festival. Our partnership with Atlantic Records and Martell allowed us to shine a light, a purple one, on the hottest newcomers of rhythm and blues.

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The evening started with a set from Atlanta’s Say3 who warmed up the crowd with a smooth set of R&B favorites as Del Ro welcomed baes to the floor. From Summer Walker’s debut project to Bryson Tiller’s key moments, the crowd sang along to their favorite hits. Drinks began to flow at the bar, courtesy of Martell. With three custom crafted drink options, guests were offered selections ranging between sweet and bold of our handcrafted cocktails.  Our purple stage wouldn’t be complete without rose petals dancing along the edges and our signature flower wrapped mic stands to set the mood for the first performer, IV Jay.

Photo by The Prehistoric

IV Jay’s attire screamed “spooky” as she called it. With bouncing curls and backup dancers to compliment her set, she gave the crowd exactly what they wanted to hear. She played a few unreleased tracks, but the crowd effortlessly sang along to “Care.”

Photo by The Prehistoric

Ayanis took the stage next giving us full Aayliah vibes. With dancers by her side as well, she gave the crowd “Awh Yeh” and her latest single “One Night” ft. Wiz Khalifa. She flexed her dance skills on stage with a few solos, one in which included a chair and bringing a male dancer to wrap up her set. If you believed R&B was dead, Ayanis is here to prove you wrong.

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Raiche then joined the party wearing a purple lace bodysuit. Accompanied by her band, most didn’t expect such a powerful voice to come out. She commanded stage presence for those unaware of her music and left making sure each audience member was a fan. Yes, if you’re wondering if her single Complicated sounded the same live, you can rest assured.

Photo by The Prehistoric

While the artists blessed the purple stage on the lower level of The Music Room our Bae, SammyApproves conducted some pretty interesting interviews in the upstairs VIP Lounge. She did a thorough job of immersing all five of the artist’s senses with her questions. Each artist was asked to touch, taste, look, smell, and listen to items provided by our on-site correspondent. “This sounds like middle school” commented IV Jay, when instructed to describe the way a particular song made her feel. Hot sauce, honey, feathers, and even hair relaxer were some of the items used in Sammy’s hands-on discussion with the night’s performers.

Photo by Misz Marcy

Back downstairs, KAMAAU gave us something different on the stage that Thursday night. As the lights changed to green, we already knew what time it is. He performed a few songs from his Mixed Greens project with his Dj Moon accompanying him in the back. While rap isn’t something you see often, (or at all) during RnBae, KAMAUU’s mix of slick tongue and feathery vocals put us in a mood.

Photo by The Prehistoric

PJ’s performance brought the room back to an R&B vibe. She gained the crowd’s attention with her stage presence and a smile that incited grins from the guests as well. True fans sang along to her single “One Missed Call.” If you haven’t heard it, add it to your playlist!

In closing, we all stuck around to see Sebastian Mikael. Miami’s Slip N Slide Record’s very own. The alternative R&B singer graced the stage with a full band and a drink in his hand. The ladies wiped their sweat from their edges and . the men scanned the room for reassurance whilst Sebastian serenaded the crowd. The band provided power to Sebastian’s soft voice while hands went up in the air to his single “Time.”


It’s still safe to say that R&B is not dead. With the love and support of A3C and Atlantic Records, we were able to bring a night of R&B to the baes of Atlanta.

Relive the night with us below:

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