We’re kicking off our first concert with Florida Native Kyle Dion with local support from past #RnBaeShowcase performers Savannah Cristina and Ari Chi.

Kyle Dion has always felt music was a apart of his anatomy as he tells Freelancer Magazine in interview.  I never really got into anything else, nothing else really interested me but music. My mom’s dad was a performer. She thinks that I get my love of music from him because, no one else in my family really took on music like I did,” says Kyle. From there, his first project Sixes and Sevens gives a jazzy feel to a modern R&B sound that at the time, was unheard of. He grabbed the attention of hundreds of thousands of listeners through his captivating songwriting and signature falsetto allowing the music to be the windows to his soul.

His second project, Painting Sounds, gives you the same feel, but a much richer quality. The Miami native teamed up with producers from Canada and Florida including Interstellar, Dust, QnAce and more to bring Painting Sounds to life. Currently, the 23-year-old singer/ songwriter is gearing up for another project, but gave his fans Cool Side Of The Pillow while we wait.

Experience Kyle Dion live at Gramps Wynwood on September 21st at 8pm.


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