When I started RnBae Collective over three years with a team, I didn’t expect much of anything really. All I wanted to do was give a place for our artist, Aleicia Nicole, to share her debut EP. After rushing to throw something together, in a venue that isn’t an event space, the AC broke, and had a makeshift stage, we are here today, two years later with a venue, liquor sponsorships, traveling to new states and festival shows.

It’s truly amazing what happens when you work with purpose and not vengeance. My purpose will always to be give R&B artists a safe place to share their music and a stage to perform on. RnBae has gone through a million changes. We’ve grown and shrunk in our team, we’ve had new venues, we’ve had partnerships, lost partnerships, lost artists, and gained new relationships, and in all honesty, I wouldn’t change the process.  It takes wins and losses to create not only a story, but a well-functioning machine as a company.

This is only the beginning of a shift in culture. Not only did we create something new in a city that could care less about R&B, we’ve expanded to different other platforms including parties, listening sessions and a radio show that allows more promotion to artists. In 2019, we will continue to open more doors and give more opportunities to singers in R&B.  Thank you to everyone that has supported, invested, performed, DJed, helped curate, booked, or looked out for myself and RnBae these past two years because I will be calling you again next year 🙂

  • Cris

Photos by Marcia Tucker

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